Paghadi Associates has today grown to a Company with a dedicated, experienced and expert team of people achieving remarkable feats in the field of civil engineering construction.

QUALITY…... never compromised at Paghadi. Quality that's made affordable to one and all. Quality in materials, workmanship, living standards and customer services.

In the search for a perfect home then, luxury and technology understandably become essential starting points. Which is why at Paghadi, we employ nothing but globally-acclaimed design and construction expertise, to provide our customers with world-class residences of unsurpassable quality standards.

For Us each and every customer is investing his hard earned money in to his house so we can’t play with the sentiments and emotions of customers because at our project one will Submit to the Lure of Landscapes in a eco-friendly environment with all basic infrastructure recreational facilities and best for investment as well as residential purposes.

Current Projects